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Early Fall Gardening Chores

Garden Tools

I know, I know. It doesn’t look like fall, and it certainly doesn’t feel like fall. Not that I have a countdown going or anything but in case you were wondering, fall starts in T-16 days. Pssst. Would someone please let Mother Nature know? 😉

Anyway, because I do my best work when I plan it out AND because the seasons tend to creep up on me, I’m really trying to think ahead. Maybe I’ll even decorate more this year than just hanging a wreath on my front door and putting a knit pumpkin on the mantle.

Here’s a few early fall garden chores that I’ve come up with. I’ve made a printable as well available at the end of the post for download. I find So. Much. Joy. In crossing items off a checklist. Surely, I’m not alone.

  • Remove any dead or diseased plants from garden beds, including vegetables that are past the harvesting season.

  • Till the soil to loosen up any remaining roots.

  • Reduce watering of perennials and remaining annuals as the temperature cools. The plants will not need as much water and (hopefully), it will rain in the near future.

  • Clean up edging along walkways.

  • Continue pulling and/or spraying weeds.

  • Put away gardening tools that won’t be needed until spring – tomato cages, stakes, labels, etc.

  • Apply a layer of compost on vegetable beds (we have mushroom compost in stock).

  • Assess any trees or shrubs that need to be replaced, and plant new ones as needed.

  • Plan and prepare next year’s planting area, including new beds that need to be dug or built, irrigation needs, etc.

  • Collect and store seeds used for spring and summer sowing in a cool, dry place.

Please note that this list likely works best for Zones 7a-8b. As a Canuk, I know that additional chores are needed further north in September & October to prepare gardens for winter and protect tender plants. There's more to come for southern gardeners in late October / Early November.

And more good news - we re-open after our summer hiatus on Saturday September 16 at 9am.

Early-Fall Gardening Chores
Download PDF • 174KB

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