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[Blag] Noun.
A somewhat-regularly updated website with home & gardening projects, personal musings,
lessons learned and food created...
all with a healthy dose of caffeine.

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Outside: Where I found inner peace

As summer turns to fall and many of us head back outside, I’m reminded why it's good for our bodies and minds. The benefits of being...

Early Fall Gardening Chores

I know, I know. It doesn’t look like fall, and it certainly doesn’t feel like fall. Not that I have a countdown going or anything but in...

Mediterranean Summer Salad

If you've known me for more than a minute, you might also know that I LOVE conjuring delicious, seasonal eats. Back 10-ish years ago, I...

Native Plants Continue to Shine

Every year, I am amazed how native plants continue to thrive despite Texas temperature swings, drought, cold, wind and rain.

Green Thumbs are learned.

Last year when I attended a few Farmer's Markets, I wished I had a dollar for every time someone walked past our booth to admire plants...

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